The Project - Redway Routes App

The final decided topic of the hackathon was a redway routes app.

Many people expressed a wish to use the redway more, both for environmental and personal reasons, but noted that they had difficulty navigating the redways, planning a route, knowing fun places to visit and knowing the safest places to go.

So far the app has:

  • Map of the redway routes driven by OpenStreetMap and Graphhopper
  • Routing by start and end point using estate names in Milton Keynes
  • A list of steps for your route

In the future we plan to expand the app including:

  • Using the MK Smart data hub to pull in information about local areas to help plan your route with more precision
  • Provide multiple routes for riders
  • Allow the user to select their 'current location'
  • Provide information on recent problems or incidents along routes and allow users to report them
  • Add a facility to have the route spoken to you whilst you ride
  • All sorts of other awesome integrations!

Are you a developer?

Our project is open source as such we'd love you to contribute.

Here are a few ways you can be involved:

Who’s involved

In the press

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