Automated picture tagging for Festive Road

Hackathon project 2017

Festive Road are a Milton Keynes based art foundation. They take their pedal-powered ride-on puppets and other large artworks to events in Milton Keynes and all around the country.

They take hundreds of photos of their events and collect hundreds more from other event photographers and the public. They want to capture and curate all those photos, but it's too much to do by hand and they can't rely on standard photo-tagging services as they don't have "giant pedal-powered elephant" as a label.

That's where we come in. There are loads of ways to train your own 'tagger', from services that learn tags from photos you present them to toolkits like TensorFlow that allow you to build your own classifiers. And we're not just after back-end devs: we're also after front-end types to make a beautiful and useful image-search front end, as well as tools to help people get involved with improving AI classifier.


How can you get involved?


You can get involved by attending a hack or coding on previous projects. Any type of developer can join in from server devs to front-end and everything in between. We also welcome facilitators and designers to help with the day and if you're new to coding, come along and learn lots!


We're always on the look out for sponsors to help feed and water the crew over the hack weekend - fuel the productivity!

You'll get a mention to the devs on the day, special tweets from our account and your logo on the website.

Email us to find out more.